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The iK Insights Data Visualization Engine converts the Atlantic Canada Momentum Index Report into a visual experience that allows free-flow analysis of its content.

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Momentum, Prosperity and Political Campaigns

With a strong showing in Iowa and New Hampshire—and the financial resources at her disposal to outspend and out-advertise her opponents—it is possible that Haley could be the sole contender standing against Trump
Matt DeCourcey
December 6, 2023

The Race to 270—An Electoral College 101

With under a year to go until November 5th, 2024—with echoes reverberating from within the Democratic tent about Biden's fitness to stand for a second term—recent polls from six key battleground states have highlighted a big problem in his bid for reelection.
Matt DeCourcey

Making sense of the US Primaries — Being well-informed

National poll numbers, while taking the pulse of the country, don’t offer the same arithmetic certainty as statewide data. And even then, localized data sets must be contextualized to factor in timing and preceding events.
Matt DeCourcey

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