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Interactive Report : The Atlantic Canada Momentum Index by the Public Policy Forum

The iK Insights Data Visualization Engine converts the Atlantic Canada Momentum Index Report into a visual experience that allows free-flow analysis of its content.

iK Insights Blog

Follow Up Q&A to TV Tonight Article on 7News’ Screen of Dreams

On May 21, 2022, TV Tonight published an article written by David Knox titled, “Demystifying Seven’s ‘Screen of Dreams.’ In this article, Cyrus Doomasia (Head of Delivery at InterKnowlogy) explained that Seven's ‘Screen of Dreams’ uses tech from the same developers (InterKnowlogy) behind CNN's ‘Magic Wall.’ While re-visiting this article, I became curious about the answers to a few possible follow-up questions. Luckily for me, Cyrus is a colleague of mine at InterKnowlogy and was kind enough to oblige me with the answers.
May 14, 2024

A Hat-Trick of Provincial Elections

British Colombians, New Brunswickers and Saskatchewanians each vote within days of each other this October. Here’s a quick take on what things look like six months out:
Matt DeCourcey
April 22, 2024

EU Elections: Why are they so important for you?

Every five years, citizens across the EU's 27 member countries head to the polls to elect their representatives to the European Parliament. So why should the rest of the world pay attention to the EU Elections?
Cyrus Doomasia
April 15, 2024

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