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Bringing data to life through human-centric digital experiences since 1999

An immersive platform that helps surface insights faster.

Integrate with your existing data sources to create the opportunity for dynamic analysis & quicker decision making to reduce response times.

Our modular and versatile product connects with any already-in-place data sources and ingests data from external sources. Provides a unique experience that helps navigate and understand big amounts of complex data in a simple while engaging way blablabla.


Unraveling insights from enterprise data to realize efficiencies & drive better decisions.

Agile Development

Our design and engineering teams work collaboratively from day 1 to better understand problems faced by your business. Our team collaborates with you to identify and create user experiences that supports your team members and their information needs in an intuitive and contextual manner. Our goal is to help design and develop solutions that amplify the impact your team members can have.

User-centered Design

Thoroughly understanding the business, challenges, and the insights needed by users to improve their ability to make decisions is at the core of what we do at iK. Our user centric process focuses on putting people first, working with your team members to create experiences that allow them to be impactful and supporting them by surfacing actionable insights that help teams make the right decisions at the right time.

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