Election Insights

Immersive Storytelling for Better Decision Making

Communicate & Contextualize Insights Faster

Improve Organizational Response Times

Enable Free-Flowing Analysis

Scenario Analysis

Create 'what-if' scenarios, on the go, to get an understanding of possible outcomes and their impacts.

Comparative Analysis

Compare and Contrast information with historical data to provide additional insight.

Data Layering

Conduct in-depth analysis through our coveted "drill-down" feature and delve into multiple layers of data for free-flowing analysis.

Smart Markup

Create markups and highlight areas to provide an interactive experience and highlight objects of importance.

Data Ingestion

Import data into the platform through the iK Control Room or automate ingestion through customized APIs for real-time data.

Mapping Engine

Built-in support for MapBox, MapCreator, and Custom Maps to enable analysis of events where geographical context is key.

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iK Insights for Public Policy

Interactive Report : The Atlantic Canada Momentum Index by the Public Policy Forum

The iK Insights Data Visualization Engine converts the Atlantic Canada Momentum Index Report into a visual experience that allows free-flow analysis of its content.

iK Insights Deployments in the Media Industry

CNN Magic Wall

CNN Magic Wall, notably used by John King, is an immersive data visualization solution created by InterKnowlogy, that aggregates live data feeds from hundreds of sources, process the information, and visualizes it in a consumable way.

SVT Wows Sweden With Its Immersive Election Coverage

SVT collaborated with InterKnowlogy (IK) to design and develop an immersive and intuitive data visualization experience for their 2022 Swedish Federal Election Broadcast.

An Australian First: 7NEWS Screen of Dreams

The Screen of Dreams integrates with live data feeds consisting of thousands of data points from different Government sources.

iK Insights Blog

Why is Swing State Voting so Important in US Elections?

Cyrus Doomasia has helped many of InterKnowlogy's clients, like 7News and SVT, cover important elections, including the upcoming 2024 US Presidential election. In this article, he answers the question: Why is swing state voting so important in US elections?
July 8, 2024

Follow Up Q&A to TV Tonight Article on 7News’ Screen of Dreams

On May 21, 2022, TV Tonight published an article written by David Knox titled, “Demystifying Seven’s ‘Screen of Dreams.’ In this article, Cyrus Doomasia (Head of Delivery at InterKnowlogy) explained that Seven's ‘Screen of Dreams’ uses tech from the same developers (InterKnowlogy) behind CNN's ‘Magic Wall.’ While re-visiting this article, I became curious about the answers to a few possible follow-up questions. Luckily for me, Cyrus is a colleague of mine at InterKnowlogy and was kind enough to oblige me with the answers.
May 14, 2024

Ballots and Borders: Exploring Electoral Systems Worldwide

Throughout InterKnowlogy’s history, our broadcasting clients (like CNN, 7News, SVT) have used our Election Insights Product to cover elections in their respective countries. This article offers a high-level overview of the electoral processes in countries where we have extensive experience.
Cyrus Doomasia
April 29, 2024
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