Making Performance Information Accessible and Useful to Help Organizations Make​ Better Decisions Faster

Process Optimization​
Risk Management​
Business Continuity Planning​
Stakeholder Collaboration​
Risk Management Evaluation

The purpose of this self-assessment is to determine the maturity of your organization in how it defines, measures, analyzes and communicates risk and performance information that supports decision-makers.

we also collaborate with many other leaders in the field
The Interknowlogy approach to MANAGING sustainability, risk & performance

Stakeholders, Expectations & Requirements


What to Measure, When to Act and Who to Inform

Exposure Map

Scaling the Disciplined Allocation of Capital and Resources

Performance Monitoring

Building the Capacity to Listen, Intervene & Inform


Making Risk & Performance Information Accessible and Useful


Information Visualization ​IK Changed the Way Performance Information is Measured and Communicated​.


Make Performance Information Accessible & Useful ​Accessibility is Driven Through Our Analytics & The Utility Through the Experience​.


Better. Decisions. Faster. ​Serving Internal Decision-Makers and External Stakeholders with Timely, Relevant and Context-Rich Information.​

Learn how iK operates at the intersection of risk management, human factors and data science to make ESG risk information accessible and useful for decision-makers in real-time.

Leveraging our PIER strategy and The iK Roadmap, our ESG risk management services and enterprise technology can help organizations better measure and communicate ESG risk information, driving transparency and assurance for their stakeholders.

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The Capacity to Listen

Understand how organizations can build the capacity to listen by developing systems that have the ability to receive new information, consider the signals and prioritize the actions.
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Curating Decision-Making Environments

There are countless analogies between decision-making and water. When considering how to navigate the waters of decision-making as it relates to information requirements,  4 characteristics of information can help differentiate between how organizations think decision-making environments are made and the actual environments humans face when making those decisions.
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From Complex to Complete

How Information Visualization Will Transform 21st Century Decision Making.
Michael Hartley
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