Curating Decision-Making Environments

There are countless analogies between decision-making and water. When considering how to navigate the waters of decision-making as it relates to information requirements,  4 characteristics of information can help differentiate between how organizations think decision-making environments are made and the actual environments humans face when making those decisions.
Michael Hartley

From Complex to Complete

How Information Visualization Will Transform 21st Century Decision Making.
Michael Hartley

Risk Management in the Infinite Game

Leaders need to recognize that valuing risk performance is not something you achieve, but rather something you continue to work towards and improve.
Michael Hartley

Three Steps for Changing Risk Management

Change and the three core steps of initiate, effect and sustain, that organizations must address when going through any transformation.

How Risk Management Must Change

Knowing that risk management has to change and knowing 'how' and 'what' to change about risk management are two different things.

How Context is Changing Around Us

As the world continues to evolve, managing change must be the top priority for leaders. Ideally, this is done across four dimensions: decarbonize, de-formalize, decolonize, & digitize.

Answering the ‘How’ and the ‘What’ for An Effective Risk Management Roadmap

The question that needs to be answered here is ‘what’. What steps does an organization need to take in order to value risk performance? The question of ‘why’ is not an issue.

The Shift to Dynamic Risk Management

Static requirements are those policies, procedures, and reports that define the boundaries of the framework and set up a management system. The dynamic requirements are the day-to-day systems, processes, and activities that manage risks.

iK's PIER Strategy: Four Elements of an Effective Operational & Sustainability Strategy

Four key elements that every organization must include in the formation of their strategy: Purpose, Intelligence, Engagement, and Resilience.

What is Risk Performance?

The term ‘performance’ is often used out of context and confused with the term ‘results’. Results quantify what happened, performance measures what’s happening.

Metaphors Matter – From Icebergs to Supermarkets

What do Icebergs and Supermarkets have in common? Nothing much actually, except in how they have become metaphors for how we understand what is complicated and what is complex.

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